Woman Shocked After £ 600 ‘Purebred French Bulldog’ Becomes a Completely Different Breed | United Kingdom | New

Bethany Cupples, from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, bought the dog after she came across a pet ad on Gumtree. When she went to pick up the puppy in May 2020, when she was only five weeks old, she realized that something was wrong but “instantly fell in love” with the animal.

But as he grew older it became clear that he was not the average French Bulldog.

The dog, named Luna, has much longer hair than a normal French Bulldog and she also has a tiled muzzle.

Bethany, who bought the dog as a gift for her mother, admitted she was “very surprised” when she first saw the ad because she thought she had gotten a good deal.

French Bulldog puppies can cost up to £ 3,500 in the UK.

A visit to the vet revealed that the dog is in fact a “Frorkie” – a cross between a French Bulldog and a Yorkshire Terrier.

In the video posted to Tik Tok, which quickly went viral, Bethany showed footage of what Luna looked like as a puppy compared to now.

Bethany wrote: “We bought a puppy for £ 600 a ‘purebred Frenchie’ from Gumtree and that’s what she became …”

Luna’s video has gained over 3.3 million views.

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“We love it in pieces.”

Bethany also said she doesn’t think the seller is a bad breeder, despite the confusion.

“The seller just made an honest mistake, I wouldn’t doubt the seller is a bad seller or a breeder,” she told Lad Bible.

“The condition the puppies were left in was immaculate, they were not harmed or endangered.

“They were well fed and fed, but despite the age she left the house, we have no concerns about the saleswoman.”

Despite her crossbreeding, Luna remains fit and healthy and thrives with Bethany and her family.

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