With its new location in Midtown, Pirate’s Bone Burgers serves up a jaw-dropping breakfast sandwich from its walk-in window | kansas city

Known for serving delicious plant-based burgers and generous baskets of fries at Kansas City’s Crossroads, Pirate Bone Burgers has now opened a second location, adding a killer breakfast sandwich to its menu that’s only available in their new walk-in window in Midtown — and it’s got Kansas City “breaking the fast” in a tasty way for under $10 with coffee.

Zaid Renato Consuegra Sauza and his new business partner, Jasmine Thompson, just celebrated the grand opening of their new location earlier this month, a location also located on Main Street just two miles south of their original location. in the Crossroads. Both locations will benefit from being directly on the streetcar line once it is complete.

The partners remain focused on their original goal of providing Kansas City plant-based burger and fries options at affordable fast food prices. This time they added breakfast sandwiches to the burger menu, and they almost look like their fast food counterpart, but taste even better. You would never know you didn’t eat meat. The breakfast menu offers all combinations of eggs, cheese, and sausage on a plain bread, English muffin, grain-free bread, or no bread at all. Get the sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin with a coffee for the full experience.

The building, which formerly housed Missouri Title Loans, was selected to give Sauza and Thompson drive-thru capacity to keep their customers and staff safe in the event of another spike in COVID-19. The building even came with a rusty old speaker box in the back that they were hoping to restore and use. But with residential homes behind them and a busy streetcar line in front of them, their drive-thru plans were thwarted.

Jeanetta J. Stewart