The 5 hardest flowers to cross (and the 5 easiest)


Some games feature fun and exciting tasks and activities while being very difficult and confusing. Animal crossing is no different, one of those types of gameplay elements being the flower crossing.

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The ability to pollinate flowers of different colors to produce new ones has resulted in a system for studying genetics, biology, and data organization. Crossing some flower varieties in the game is extremely difficult and requires a long process of selective breeding, while others are fairly straightforward. Here are the easiest and most difficult flower colors to produce.

Easy – Pink Hyacinths

Hyacinths, which many are surprised to learn are actually real flowers, come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, white, orange, blue, purple, and pink. . Pink hyacinths are very easy to cross. Players simply need to breed red hyacinths with white ones.

Easily intersect these two colors by placing them in adjacent diagonal tiles. This is the best training for reproducing flowers, maximizing the chances of getting the new color. Don’t forget to water them every day!

Hard – Purple Hyacinths

While pink hyacinths are fairly easy, purple is much harder. The purple hyacinths come from two orange hyacinths. To get the oranges, however, players will need to breed red and yellow hyacinths between themselves, preferably from seeds purchased from Nook’s Cranny.

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If the Island Shop doesn’t sell Hyacinth Seeds, players can wait to see if Leif has them in stock or ask a friend. If players want a bunch of Purple Hyacinths, they can breed them among themselves to create more.

Easy – Orange Pansies

They are called “orange” pansies, but they don’t appear as orange at first. These fun flowers are actually red and yellow, but they’re the closest to orange that pansies get. These flowers are also available in purple and blue.

Their red and yellow coloring actually betrays their breeding method: red pansies and yellow pansies. It is quite easy and occurs in the same way as many other varieties of orange blossoms. These “orange” flowers look great in color palettes that can also include red or yellow, as they have both colors in their design.

Hard – purple pansies

Like hyacinths, pansies are easy to make in orange but hard to find in purple. To get a purple pansy, you will need red pansies. But, it cannot be just any red thoughts. These reds are special “breeding” pansies, which have different genes from the standard seed red.

The first step in breeding “high” red pansies is to make blue pansies from two white ones. From there, take a seed red and your new blue pansies and breed them together to make the red special. The assembly of these special reds will then make purple pansies.

Easy – Purple moms

Purple is often one of the most difficult colors to reproduce, as seen with hyacinths and pansies. However, for moms, this is one of the easiest. There are several ways to get purple moms.

Players can breed white hybrids with themselves, red with yellow hybrids, or yellow hybrids with themselves. These hybrid yellows are also made up of red and yellow. Many paths will eventually lead to purple, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to produce. Moms also come in pink and green.

Hard – Green moms

As the only flower that comes in a green variety, green mums will definitely be on the wish list of anyone trying to produce rainbows or any other design that requires the color green. Green moms are a pain, however.

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Players will need these hybrid yellows which are produced from breeding a red and a yellow together from seed. These yellow hybrids will hopefully produce greens then. Others have reported better success with using these hybrid yolks to produce purple mums, which then produce green ones. It doesn’t sound difficult, but it can be.

Easy – Pink Wind Flowers

One of the most interesting flowers in Animal Crossing is the Wind Flowers. These are the only species that come in red, white, and orange by default instead of red, white, and yellow. They can be bred in blue, purple and pink varieties.

Roses are very easy to obtain. It is enough to reproduce together a red windflower and an orange. Two white windflowers can create one blue, which can then be crossed with pink to make another pink.

Difficult – Violet Wind Flowers

Purple windflowers, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to produce. Fortunately, there are several methods. But, each is confusing and has a slim chance of actually producing them.

The first is to reproduce two white flowers to obtain a blue one. Use that blue plus a red to get the special hybrid red. Then use those reds to produce a purple, which is very unlikely to appear. Another method is to cross pink with blue or pink with itself. All of these methods seem to have a low chance of producing a new purple flower, so keep going!

Easy – Black Roses

Roses are available in the widest range of colors in the game, available by default in red, yellow, and white, but also pink, purple, orange, black, gold, and blue. You would assume that black would be the hardest to achieve because it’s so cool, but it’s actually the easiest.

Two red roses grown from seed should produce black roses fairly quickly. These black roses can then be watered with a golden watering can, which can produce solid gold roses. These might seem like the hardest, but they’re not that hard. The only barrier is to get the Golden Watering Can recipe.

Hard – Blue Roses

If players are serious about getting all the flower colors, they’ll be pulling their hair out before they even try blue roses.

Blue roses are notoriously difficult to grow. Many guides have been written, with different methods to be successful. At the end of the day, it’s about luck. One of the easiest methods is to produce purple roses from two white roses and orange roses from one red and one yellow.

Use purple and orange to create a special hybrid red, and use two of them to make blue roses, which are very unlikely to be produced. There are other methods with different levels of success for different people.

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