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Tashreefat, who set a new auction record for Auctav by selling for €310,000


By Bloodstock World Staff

A rare opportunity to purchase broodmares from Shadwell’s Purebred Arabian operation generated an impressive turnover of €1,728,000 at an online sale by Auctav on Tuesday.

The racing and breeding empire of the late Hamdan Al Maktoum has been reduced after his death earlier this year and 22 prestige packages have been offered, for which Auctav has registered nearly 200 new accounts opened and the participation of 15 country.

Some 16 minutes of extra time had to be given to the first batch Tashreefat, where YAS Horse Racing Management won the battle with a bid of €310,000, a new auction record for Auctav.

She is believed to be the most expensive Arab to be sold to France in three years, being placed in Group 1 and already producing champions Moshrif, Barnamaj and Muraaqib.

Two Tashreefat fillies were also in the catalogue: Ajaayib, in foal to AF Al Buraq, went for €275,000. Maraasem was bought for €170,000 by Saubouas Bloodstock.

Paul Basquin of Saubouas said: “In addition to our own purchases, Ajaayib and Jamaheer will come to Haras de Saubouas, having been acquired by owners who were already Saubouas customers.

“This is the future we invested in tonight. This is the case of Tashreefat’s sister Watheeqa, bought for €225,000, who will hopefully produce as well as her sister. She is a very beautiful mare with a lot of frame and she moves very well.


” title=”Tashreefat’s sister Watheeqa who won €225,000 in Tuesday’s sale” class=”js-imageLoader” data-at-xn=” images/news/2021/12/21/102491-medium.jpeg” data-br-n=” “data-br-m=”” data-br-w=”https://www.rp” data-br-xw=” 102491-large.jpeg” onclick=”return false;”>
Tashreefat's sister Watheeqa, who won €225,000 in Tuesday's sale

Tashreefat’s sister Watheeqa, who won €225,000 in Tuesday’s sale


“I was lucky to have the two daughters of Tashreefat in pre-training for Shadwell. François Rohaut did a great job training with these fillies. This is a new step in my involvement in the lives of these mares with their new breeding career.

“I was able to inspect the mares at Haras de Thouars. It was a very good sale, very well organised, where the very good fillies got the price they deserved.”

A Group 1 descendant of favorite Cherifa named Jamaheer, in foal to AF Al Buraq, was also the subject of a fierce bidding battle before being sold for €210,000.

Charlie Gordon-Watson Bloodstock’s Will Douglass acquired her and Ajaayib.

“The mares are for well-established customers who have been breeding Arabians for a long time,” he said. “The Shadwell Dispersal gives us a unique opportunity to source high quality mares. I have seen all the mares, foals and yearlings at Shadwell. If you want to improve your Arabians this is the best place to start. is a sale not to be missed.”

With five lots exceeding €150,000, Auctav Managing Director Arnaud Angeliaume said: “The result of this Shadwell sale is absolutely fantastic. We are delighted to have had the chance to host this historic sale in the history of Purebred Arabian horses.

“We of course thank Shadwell for their confidence, the Haras de Thouars for the wonderful welcome given to visitors to these 22 incredible mares and all the bidders and buyers. The future of Arabian races was certainly written during this sale which m impressed with the enthusiasm it generated among investors.

“We know how lucky we were to organize this historic sale for Shadwell, for the Arabian purebred breed but also for Auctav which set a new auction record at €310,000, thanks to the incredible Tashreefat .”

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