Owner’s £ 600 ‘purebred French Bulldog’ turns out to be a completely different breed

Bethany Cupples bought what was advertised as a ‘purebred Frenchie’ on Gumtree, but as the puppy got older it became clear that she was of a different breed.

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Woman says her ‘Frenchie purebred‘ puppy turned out to be a different breed

Woman who believed she bought a purebred French Bulldog for her mother as a birthday present said it wasn’t the dog they expected, but that they “wouldn’t change her for the world “.

Bethany Cupples had purchased the five-week-old Frenchie as a gift for her mother in May 2020, saying she was “very surprised” to find the animal was being advertised for just £ 600 on Gumtree, with the breed often costing much more.

When the 21-year-old went to pick up the pet, she realized something was wrong but “immediately fell in love” with the dog, who became a member of the family.

As Luna the puppy grew it became clearer that she was not a purebred French Bulldog and Bethany, a part-time housekeeper, shared a video about her. Bethlouiseeexo TikTok count to show what Luna looked like as a puppy compared to now, which quickly went viral.

Luna was bought from Gumtree for £ 600



A visit to the vet revealed that she is a mix between a French Bulldog and a Yorkshire Terrier



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The family took Luna to the vet, where they discovered she was a “Frorkie,” which is a mix between a French Bulldog and a Yorkshire Terrier, as reported. LadBible.

Bethany, of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, says she thinks the seller made an “honest mistake” in listing Luna as a purebred French Bulldog and “would not doubt the seller is a bad breeder” because the animals that she saw were extremely well hold on.

And despite the initial confusion, the family couldn’t be happier with Luna, who thrives in her home forever.

Bethany told LadBibile: “We looked for a Frenchie, but as soon as we laid eyes on her we immediately fell in love.

“No matter the breed or the price, we welcomed her into our family home with open arms.

“She made our whole family and we wouldn’t change her for the world, she has the most amazing personality and is a fun person. We love her until the end.”

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