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Central Queensland cattle producers Paul and Clare Harris have turned their Sunland Cattle Co into a world-class Wagyu operation over the past 13 years.

The couple now farm 11,000 purebred, purebred Wagyus on two properties, totaling over 18,000 hectares of very fertile land in central Queensland.

To start their Wagyu breeding program, the Harris’ initially purchased 1,100 heads of second, third and fourth cross females, as well as a number of pureblood bulls.

They continued to increase their Wagyu numbers by purchasing a full Wagyu herd of over 500 heads plus embryos and semen in 2010.

The family has a well-established breeding program using the best genetics in large artificial insemination and embryo programs.

Their properties, Old Bombandy Station and Ten Mile Station, have been showcased to delegates from around the world during property tours.

A tour of Ten Mile Station was on the program for Beef 2003 and Old Bombandy was featured for the World Wagyu Conference in 2015 and Beef Australia 2015.

In 2018, Wagyu conference delegates visited Ten Mile Station again to inspect Sunland Cattle Co.’s Wagyu operations.

Old Bombandy consists of 11,072 hectares of freehold land and 236 hectares of leasehold on Fitzroy Development Road near Valkyrie. This property has a frontage of approximately 23 kilometers to the Isaac River.

“We bought Old Bombandy in 1991 and since then we have made significant improvements to its infrastructure,” said Mr. Harris.

He said Old Bombandy is full of purebred and purebred Wagyu females and pureblood Wagyu bulls.

Mr Harris expects to have a pureblood herd on both properties within two years, with embryo transfer work done at Old Bombandy Station.

Ten Mile Station, which was purchased in 1994, consists of 6,868 ha near Balcomba, and has approximately 8 km of river front to the Mackenzie River and approximately 15 km of deep water front over two anabranches.

Between Old Bombandy and Ten Mile Station, there is an impressive 6000ha of leucena supplementing buffalo, green panic and other pastures.

The Ten Mile contains only pureblood Wagyu females and pureblood Wagyu bulls, and paddock bulls are sold in most states in Australia.

The Harris’s sell all steers and some heifers to the feedlot at 20 months of age for the 400-day diet.

Sunland’s pureblood carcasses have a very high marbling score, with many carcasses reaching the optimal score of nine according to the Australian grading system.

Success from the paddock to the palace

Clare and Paul Harris, Sunland Cattle Co, with Melody Labinsky, Editor-in-Chief of Queensland Country Life.

Paul and Clare Harris are first generation primary producers, have been in the beef industry for over 55 years and continue to innovate and improve their Wagyu herds and empower their people.

Mr Harris said Jason Kelly was the manager of Old Bombandy Station and together with his wife Tina had worked for Sunland Cattle Company since 1998.

“Mark York is the manager of Ten Mile Station and together with his wife Lyn they have held this position since 2001.”

Last year, Sunland Cattle Co first entered the RNA Wagyu Paddock to Palate competition and received an award. They came back this year and managed to win the best individual index for their Wagyu carcass, as well as the best taste in the competition.

“From a business perspective, this is the end result we can hope for,” said Harris.

Their winning carcass has the highest individual index score of $ 6,660.

“This is all the result of a very competent staff, as well as associated experts,” he said.


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