I bought a purebred French bulldog puppy for £600

A WOMAN who was thinking of buying a purebred French Bulldog puppy as a gift for her mother says it came as a very shocking surprise.

Bethan Cupples, 21, bought the pet dog on Gumtree for £600 – buying the little black pup when he was just five weeks old.


Bethany bought Luna thinking she was a purebred French BulldogCredit: TikTok/ bethlouiseeexo
Just weeks after she was purchased, Luna's fur and nose were both much longer than those of a French Bulldog.


Just weeks after she was purchased, Luna’s fur and nose were both much longer than those of a French Bulldog.Credit: TikTok/ bethlouiseeexo

But the young woman says she was stunned when the animal started to grow – looking nothing like a French bulldog.

The puppy, Luna, who was to be a purebred French bulldog, became part of the family right away.

But after a few weeks, she developed shaggy fur and a tiled muzzle.

It became apparent that she wasn’t the short-haired, snub-nosed pedigree that Bethany had paid for.

Stunned, she took the little dog to the local vet.

There she found out the amazing truth – Luna was a mix of French Bulldog and Yorkshire Terrier.

Her purebred pup was actually a Frorkie cross.

Fortunately, she was able to laugh at her own ignorance.

Bethany posted a video on Tiktok comparing a photo of Luna as a baby and then Luna as the bigger pup.

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She said in the caption: “We bought a puppy for £600 a ‘purebred Frenchie’ from Gumtree and that’s what she became…”

Luna’s breed was a huge surprise to the family, but not a disappointment.

Bethany even told Ladbible, “We looked for a Frenchie, but as soon as we laid eyes on her, we immediately fell in love.

“No matter the breed or price, we welcomed her into our family home with open arms.

“She made our family whole and we wouldn’t change her for the world, she has the most amazing personality and is a fun person. We love her to bits.

She added that she believed the mix-up was a “good faith mistake” by the seller because the animals had been well cared for.

But Tiktok users were less friendly.

One commented, “Don’t people research the breeder/dog before they buy? I don’t want to sound like a judge but REALLY? »

Another said: “5 weeks? This should have set off alarm bells as it is illegal to sell a puppy under 8 weeks old”

A third added: “You can’t just buy a dog like you buy a handbag. If you’re going to own a dog, at least read the basics.

However, some on the social media app were won over by Luna’s kindness.

One of them said, “You have a lot. It’s a handsome one.”

Another commented: “Your dog seems happy and well cared for and she is so cute.”

One even suffered the same fate as Bethany, saying, “I bought what I thought was a purebred lab 5 years ago (saw mom, dad and brothers and sisters) for £450, turns out she’s part lab and part personal…”

Dog lovers should beware of buying puppies online from unreliable sellers looking to make a quick buck.

The RSPCA has warned Britons not to buy dogs on Gumtree, which puts profit before animal welfare.

The online market has seen an almost 800% increase in dog listings between 2007 and 2018.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Ian Briggs said: “As responsible breeders struggle to keep up with demand, breeders and underground traders are filling the void in the market and offering buyers the chance to buy puppies at cheaper prices and without waiting lists – often with disastrous consequences.”

Dog thefts have also increased since more Britons bought dogs while working from home during the pandemic.

Families have been traumatized by the nap of their beloved pup, like Smaila, who was stolen from her owner’s van in Edmonton last month.

What are my rights when buying a puppy, kitten or other pet?

  • A professional seller is required to sell you an animal of satisfactory quality, suitable for a particular purpose and conforming to its description.
  • You have the right to refuse an animal that does not comply with these obligations – if the seller could reasonably have known about the problem beforehand.
  • Remember to research any visible issues or problems before committing to purchase.
  • A private seller rather than a professional seller is only obligated to sell an animal “as described”.
  • Legally, the seller must provide an accurate description of the animal and not misrepresent it.
  • Make sure you always get receipts and, most importantly, all documents confirming that you own your pet.
  • If you are asked to pay a deposit, be sure to clearly state what will happen if the purchase does not go through.
Bethany expected Luna to grow into a French Bulldog like the one above


Bethany expected Luna to grow into a French Bulldog like the one aboveCredit: Getty

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