Hypor buys purebred Duroc kernel

Hypor, a Hendrix Genetics company, will purchase the core purebred core herd from a Canada-based purebred Duroc breeder, Shade Oak Swine, including all AI boars held at various third-party AI stations and all related intellectual property rights.

Additionally, Hypor will enter into a distribution agreement with Shade Oak’s boar breeding division known as Total Swine Genetics (TSG).

The MOU, linked to the purchase of this healthy herd, builds on the foundations of two genetics companies committed to improving the line of purebred Duroc terminal bulls. The integration of the two genetic pools allows Hypor to strengthen and optimize its Duroc sire line program. The transaction is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2009.

Gerjan van Alst, Managing Director of Hypor North America, said: “For almost 25 years, Shade Oak Swine has been completely focused on the development of its Duroc terminal sire lines. Like Hypor, Shade Oak Swine believes in the value of using the most of the advanced reproductive testing and assessment programs available to produce bulls that meet the needs of producers and processors. “

Shade Oak Swine President Arnold Ypma said, “We have become leaders in adopting the latest and most advanced testing tools in the industry, but continuous advancements in genetic selection technology now have a very high price. Hypor’s resources and commitment to molecular research ensure that our customers will reap the benefits of new developments. ”Ypma will be appointed to the Hypor Breeding Line Genetics Advisory Committee.

The ownership and operations of the TSG AI stud farm are not affected by this transaction. Hypor will continue to provide Shade Oak genetics to TSG.

The combined size of the two herds will significantly increase the purebred Duroc gene pool. Customers of both companies will have access to Hypor’s in-house BLUP and data collection technology. Hypor’s Combined Crossbreed and Purebred (CCPS) program will continue to maximize product performance commercially.

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