Huddersfield woman horrified as £600 ‘purebred French bulldog’ pup becomes a different breed

A Huddersfield woman has been horrified after her £600 ‘Purebred French’ pup turned out to be a crossbreed.

Bethany Cupples, 21, from Newsome, was shocked to find that the puppy she originally bought on gumtree for £600 was not actually a ‘purebred French bulldog’ as it had originally been brought to believe him. Although she initially thought she got a bargain, the young mum paid the breeder and happily brought the five-week-old pup home as a gift from her mum.

It was love at first sight for the family, who can’t get enough of the adorable doggie and decide to call her Luna. But things weren’t as they originally appeared and a few weeks later, as the pup grew older, it immediately became clear that Luna was not quite the pedigree she had been led to believe. .

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In a ICT Tac video sharing an image of the extremely young pup she wrote: ‘We bought a pup for £600 a ‘Purebred Frenchie’ from Gumtree and that’s what she became…” The video then skips to a picture of Luna with a tiled muzzle and much longer fur than any French bulldog.

Sensing something was wrong, Bethany took Luna to the local vet, where she was told her beloved pet was actually a mix of French Bulldog and Yorkshire Terrier. Even with this new information, Bethany didn’t blame the seller and believed it was an “honest mistake” because the animals had been well cared for.

More importantly, the revelation that Luna wasn’t pedigree didn’t diminish the fact that her family still loved her to pieces. Speaking to Ladbible about the find, Bethany said: “We looked for a Frenchie, but as soon as we laid eyes on her we immediately fell in love.

“No matter the breed or the price, we welcomed her into our family home with open arms. She made our family whole and we wouldn’t change her for the world, she has the most amazing personality and is a fun person We love her to bits.

The family later realized their dog looked completely different and the vet said it was a ‘Frorkie’

Although Bethany may have been happy with the animal in her care, many commenters were quick to point out that the breeder who sold her Luna was still clearly at fault for allowing such a young pup to be separated. of his mother – some even suggesting that alone should “sound the alarm” for any potential buyer.

“Shame on the breeder for allowing a 5 week old puppy to leave his mother when the absolute minimum is 8 weeks and shame on the buyer who should have done enough research on dog ownership to know that. You can’t just buy a dog like you buy a purse. If you’re going to own a dog, at least read the basics,” D1973 said.

Zebra1234 also echoed similar sentiments when they said, “This breeder should be reported for allowing a FIVE week old puppy to be taken from his mother and the buyer should know better if he is going to be a responsible dog owner.”

Clive London also agreed. He said “5 weeks old? That should have set off alarm bells because it is illegal to sell a puppy under 8 weeks old”

However, not everyone was against the purchase, with some being delighted that the dog had found a loving home, whatever the circumstances. “You have a lot. She’s a beautiful one,” said one while a second added, “Your dog seems happy and well cared for and she’s so cute.”

Jeanetta J. Stewart