Hotel Evolution: a Darwin themed stay offers a new spot for selective breeding in Ho Chi Minh

A hotel that will open next year in Ho Chi Minh City has a very unusual theme. The Darwin Hotel is inspired by the English naturalist and biologist behind the theories about all life from common ancestors.

No kidding, it should open in the summer of next year. The Darwin hotel will be located in the central district 1 of the city, close to the opera house and other tourist attractions.

Photo: Fusion Originals hotels

If an evolutionary-themed stay appeals to you and natural selection seems to work for you, you can take a suite with your partner, perfect for a bit of practice to move the species forward. Afterward, guests can dine at the hotel’s restaurant, Origins, which will serve cuisine inspired by the life and travels of Charles Darwin.

Still looking for a partner? You can check in and hop off at the Beagle Bar to see if courtship rituals can be performed. At the bar, visitors can listen to live spoken poetry and order historically-inspired rum drinks and Vietnamese craft beers.

Photo: Fusion Originals hotels
Photo: Fusion Originals hotels

The Darwin hotel is not designed to be unique but the first in a chain called Fusion Originals. Each will be completely different and will have as their theme an artist, inventor, scientist or leader who changes the world. But were guess (hope) that none will be Hitler-themed.

The Darwin Project, an 88-room affair, is done in neutral tones – think linen and brown – and natural textures – like burlap and bamboo. Darwin’s 19th century studies of plants, animals, and human evolution will be reflected in such details as botanical art and gardens. Versions of some of his most famous texts will appear larger than life on the walls.

Photo: Fusion Originals hotels
Photo: Fusion Originals hotels

Fusion Chief Architect Remco de Hoog said: “Ideas that change the world are what Fusion is all about. Charles Darwin is the perfect fit to launch this exciting and slightly rebellious brand new brand.

At the end of a day in Ho Chi Minh City, the hotel offers a place to put life struggles aside, relax, and pick up reading materials. There is no bible, of course, but each room comes with a copy of About the origin of species.

To keep up to date with the latest news from the Darwin hotel and its opening, click here.

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