Hermitage Pure Breed Landrace GGP and GP Females

In these times of heightened biosecurity concerns, it is now more important than ever to secure the health of your herd while keeping the focus on improving sow productivity.

How? ‘Or’ What?

Dedicate 10 percent of your sow herd to purebred breeds (GGP / GP) designated specifically for the production of replacement F1 hybrid gilts for the herd.

The highest 60 percent of purebred LRs in Freneystown have an average of 14.23 live births per litter!

When animals of this caliber are mated with Hermitage Large White GGP breed semen, there is an expected eight percent advantage for live births in cross-litter performance.

The advantages include:

  • Possibility of maximizing the reproduction performance of the sow herd, better control of progress
  • Possibility to close the herd with the GGP program
  • All high health gilts delivered to the farm arrive with a known breeding value (MLI)
  • Access to the unique award-winning Hermitage BLUP breeding program
  • Provides an eight percent increase in the number of live births per litter when crossed with the opposite Hermitage dam line (seed LW × female LR) to produce a true F1 Parent gilt
  • Production of a robust, uniform and efficient slaughter generation.

Landrace GP Thoroughbreds are now available for purchase direct from the company’s Nucleus farm in several ways.

Gilt purchasing options include:

  1. Buy gilts at the standard of 100 kg and introduce them to the herd via a quarantine facility in accordance with the recommendations of the herd veterinarian
  2. Piglets weaned gilts – piglets weaned directly from the sow at 28 days according to the recommendations of the herd veterinarian
  3. Weaned (heavier) gilts – gilts weighing over 30kg can also be provided to suit specific customers.

Hermitage advises you to consult your veterinarian for the best protocol for introducing the herd into your herd. Specific blood tests on animals from the donor herd can be organized on request.

For more information on Hermitage Genetics, click here.

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