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Cross-breed dogs, or as others call them, mutts, are still a mystery even today. You never know what they will end up looking like when they are adults, and no matter what, you will always be surprised with them.

So if you are considering adopting a cross breed dog, but don’t know much about these beautiful creatures, consider yourself lucky. Today you will discover with us some amazing facts about pooches. Some of these facts are obvious, but others are truly mind-boggling! So read on, folks.

You will never know what your dog will look like until he is an adult

This is one of the more specific facts about crossbred dogs. You can never guarantee what your dog will look like because he is not a purebred. The traits of your crossbred best friend will be a combination of the traits of their parent dogs. Her coat can be a combination of colors you’ve never seen, her size can be larger or smaller than you expected, and her appearance is sure to be a gamble, as you will never really know what you are wearing. you will find yourself. So if you are adopting a crossbreed puppy, don’t be disappointed when he eventually grows up looking nothing like you expected, that’s exactly how these things work.

You won’t be able to predict his temperament either.

Adopting a crossbreed dog is always a gamble, because you never know what you will end up on. Each breed of dog has its own unique personality traits and mixing two of them can either create the cutest, friendliest dog in the universe or a four-legged creature who loves to prey on people. for no other reason than to assert their domination. (a Chihuahua Dachshund Mix (Chiweenie) is a good example).

Also, remember: Training and socialization are important, even if both of your dog’s purebred parents are known to be docile dogs who get along with humans and other animals.

Crossbreed dogs have a longer lifespan

Believe it or not, crossbreed dogs actually live longer than purebred dogs. This is all because of genetic diversity, which sometimes allows them to live to 18 or 20 years old. (which is quite long in dog years). This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as some mixed breeds get only the best qualities from their purebred parents, and thus avoid certain health issues that could lead to premature death.

Mixed-breed dogs also have better health

Due to inbreeding, purebred dogs suffer from a multitude of health issues. Since their genetic traits are not diverse, they continue to inherit health problems from their parents, which also shortens their lifespan. (as we have already mentioned in the previous points). Of course, most mixed breeds don’t suffer from this, due to a phenomenon called “hybrid vigor”. Basically, hybrid vigor is the fact that animals that have a diverse gene pool are generally stronger and more resilient than purebreds.

They are easier to train

Because they are not purebred, mixed breed dogs are actually more flexible and more inclined to be easily trained. They aren’t as heavily programmed as their purebred parents, which means they won’t be as stubborn and will be able to adapt to all types of homes, provided they are socialized enough.

They can actually be trained as assistance dogs

Previously, only purebred dogs were trained as assistance dogs. But now, since everyone has found out how awesome they are, they can work as assistance dogs as well. They can be therapy dogs, walking dogs for blind people. Today they can work with the police, the fire department and everything in between.

They are cheaper to acquire

Even when you adopt a dog from a shelter, you must donate at least $ 50 to $ 200, but only if it is a mixed breed. If it is a purebred dog, the donation can go up to $ 1000, which is quite expensive, even for a dog.

Finally, mutts are just as wonderful as purebred dogs.

Some people have this pretentious idea that if their dog is not purebred then it is not worth adopting. But, all dogs are equal, and a mixed breed dog will love you as much as a purebred dog. Ultimately, a Morkie (Yorkie Maltese crossbreed) is just as adorable as any purebred dog. So, don’t be afraid to love a pooch because he will love you to the grave and beyond!


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